What To Look For When Choosing A Koozie Printing Company

Koozies have been a popular choice for weddings for a multitude of reasons. Even though drink koozies may not seem very suitable for a wedding, they can be dressed up to match any theme. If you have a design that you love on your invites, use it in a variety of ways, including on your koozie. They are a practical and inexpensive item to add to your wedding favors or party. However, looking for a reliable company to help with designing and printing your customized wedding koozies can be a hassle. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a koozie printing company.


One thing most people are excited about is the custom designs available for their koozies. Whether you want to print a portrait or a nice quote for the special day, it is best to look for a company that has credible and good designers that can follow your requirements to make the perfect koozie for you. At One Stop Bride Shop, choose from pre-printed designs and printing services for custom designs. Some options include seasonal, destination, and even marble designs if you are feeling fancy. If you are unsure of what design to choose, be sure to ask the company for inspiration and advice. Some ideas to get the ball rolling include commissioning artwork, incorporating calligraphy, a cute portrait of the bride and groom, and playing on the main theme of your wedding.

Size and Materials Available

A koozie printing company needs to have a wide variety of materials and sizes to choose from. The most common materials for koozies are neoprene and foam. Both materials have their pros and cons, but both are inexpensive and reusable. At One Stop Bride Shop, you can choose between different sizes for your koozie as well. Companies that offer different sizes such as options for cans, bottles, slim cans, crawlers, and solo cups are ideal when shopping for your perfect wedding koozie.

Customer Service

You have to admit that nothing beats amazing customer service. In fact, it can even make or break your choice for the perfect koozie printing company. Be sure to check what previous customers have said about the company. You can do this by browsing their social media or doing a quick google search on the company in mind. Also ensure that you check how long it would take to print your koozies, and when you can expect them to be delivered. Also, make sure that you are aware of any additional charges that you may incur if you need to cancel the order. In essence, be sure to choose a company that prioritizes you. If they are willing to be transparent in their transactions and in their capabilities for the requirements that you have, you have got yourself a great koozie printing company.

Koozies are the perfect option for a simple and inexpensive wedding favor that still looks cute. At One Stop Bride Shop, choose from a wide range of neoprene or foam koozies to fit snugly around different sizes of cans, bottles, and cups.