Wedding Koozie Designs To Impress Your Wedding Guests

Wedding koozies can work with a wide selection of drinks, including canned or bottled beer, wine, or even canned cocktails for your wedding reception. These koozies can also be added to your wedding welcome bag or even as a wedding favor for your guests. If you are looking for ways to include koozies in your big day, here are some koozie designs that will bring your wedding to the next level.

Showcase a Work of Art

Koozies do not have to be simple or plain. Commission a beautiful work of art to print onto your koozie. Don’t be afraid to go crazy for these illustrations as well. Although crowd favorites include your wedding venue, the place you met, or the place you got engaged, consider adding your favorite meme, or even where you would love to go in the future on your customized wedding koozie.


Calligraphy is all the rage for making a beautiful wedding even prettier. A simple phrase or quote can be elevated tremendously by just including calligraphy. For your koozie, choose a shade that goes well with your main theme for your wedding, while keeping the color of the writing simple with either white or black.

Embrace your Theme

You don’t need to skimp on your decorations when you can elevate them with simple details like a matching koozie for each guest. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, drink koozies are amazing for keeping temperatures constant. Fully embrace the vibes of an outdoor wedding by implementing green shades and a touch of nature in your chosen illustration too. If you are planning a wedding in your favorite season, don’t be afraid to embrace that as well! A spring wedding would look amazing when you include wedding koozies with lovely illustrations of spring flowers.


Add some personality to your wedding koozies by commissioning an illustration of the bride and groom! A realistic picture would be amazing, but a cartoon-inspired illustration can also be a cute way to showcase the newly-married couple on their special day. After the big day, you may even consider framing one of your koozies to remember your wedding forever.

Best of Both Worlds

If you are not sure which theme to choose for your wedding koozie, don’t fret! If you are contemplating between a koozie that shows the date of your wedding and a lovely illustration of the bride and groom, just do both! Use both the front and back of your koozie to sneak in some personality in your wedding in a variety of ways.

Mark the Occasion

By including the date of your wedding on your koozies, your guests will be able to have a physical reminder of your special day. Customized wedding koozies are a great way to keep track of wedding anniversaries and to reminisce beautiful occasions for many years to come.

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