5 Fun Facts About Koozies You Might Not Know Before

One of the best parts about planning a wedding is the ability to customize it any way you like to make it truly yours. Personal touches like customized invites and napkins are a great way to include some personality and originality into your special occasion. One amazing way to add a splash of personal touch to your wedding would be customized koozies. Koozies have been around for quite a while and have become a staple in weddings and other events. Here are some fun facts about koozies that you may not have heard of before to get you into the spirit of decorating!

Koozies Are Customizable

Koozies have evolved from their original purpose to hold a cold can of beer to one that adds a touch of flair to any event you like, even weddings! Koozies are now made of materials like plain foam, closed cell foam, EVA foam, and neoprene to keep your drinks icy cold. If you plan on having bottled drinks at your wedding, don’t worry! Bottle koozies are also available to insulate your drink from external sources of heat. Not only are the sizes customizable, but the choice of designs is endless! Try out a quote, his and hers koozies, or even a special portrait of the happy couple at your wedding.

The Big Fight For Koozies

Did you know that two companies are at war over this amazing invention? Kustom Koozies has been in a dispute with Norwood over the Koozie trademark status since the early 2000s. After a short stint of truce, 2009 saw the unsuccessful attempt of Kustom Koozies to cancel the trademark licensing agreement they had with Norwood. Seems like everyone would like to get their hands on a koozie!

The Many Names of Koozies

If you have never heard of koozies before, you have most probably heard of its other names. Some other ways to refer to the beloved koozie are beer hugger, cozy, coosie, beer huggie, can cooler, bottle jacket, beer sleeve, coldy-holdy, coolie, bawdle, and stubby holder.

The History of Koozies

Koozies were actually a trademark of Radio Cap Corporation, a Texas company! They registered for its trademark in 1980 which lasted all the way till 2001. However, before that, affluent members of Victorian society in the 1800s used their very own knit ‘koozie’ to keep their kettles and porcelain cups warm for afternoon tea.

The Science Behind Koozies

Although koozies offer a comfortable grip and extra insulation from outside temperatures, the main purpose of a koozie is to keep water droplets from forming on the can when you’re enjoying a beverage in a highly humid environment. These seemingly innocent water droplets can increase your drink’s temperature to the point where it no longer tastes like how it was intended to taste.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding with a high chance of humid weather, a customized koozie would be an amazing wedding favor to add some personality to your special day while keeping your guests happy.