4 Best Wedding Favor Gifts In 2022

Traditionally, guests of a wedding party will leave the event with a small token of appreciation like cookies or almonds from the newlyweds. But as the seasons change and a new wedding season arrives, couples wonder what else they can offer their guests that is unique and sets them apart from other wedding ceremonies.

In the new year of 2022, we have narrowed down four of the best wedding favor gifts that guests can happily part from the ceremony with. From koozies to coasters, this one-stop gift guide is sure to make you rush to your nearest wedding stores to get your hands on the perfect gift for everyone!

Luggage Tags

As the world opens up after a turbulent period due to the pandemic, more couples are in favor of getting married in their dream cities for a destination wedding. And what better way to leave a destination wedding than with a personalized suitcase or baggage tag from the couple themselves? As luggage tags come in a variety of colors and styles, guests can use the tags almost immediately when they return to their home country or as they continue to travel the region after the wedding!

Cozy Koozies

At times, you might leave a wedding with a small mug. At other times, you may leave with something larger than expected, like a bottle of champagne or wine. Regardless of the occasion, there is no other reason to not gift your guests with a custom beverage holder like a koozie! Koozies help to keep a glass or bottle insulated and warm, and giving your guests their custom koozies can create an adorable memory for them. They can even be given as hand-me-downs in their family when the guest is looking to pass their bottle or glass to another person easily.

Pots & Planters

A beautiful wedding favor for an equally beautiful wedding; that’s what sets this gift apart from the rest. Especially perfect for garden or floral-themed ceremonies, handing out tiny planters for the guests to bring home is a unique way to tie a wedding together. These planters, be they tiny flowers or petite succulents, can even be used as a table placeholder to spruce up the look of the wedding. Once the wedding is over, the guest can bring the beauty of the special day back home as well, further boosting the look of their own homes.

Coast to Coast

Tiny but powerful, a coaster is another graceful gift that you can give to your guests as well. Lightweight and durable, coasters are easy to store and bring around, especially after a fun yet tiring ceremony. The newlyweds can design their customizable coasters according to the theme of their wedding or even fill it in with details of the wedding itself. The guests can then bring these coasters home as a keepsake from the wedding, something that will remind them of the wedding that they attended.

Get Your Wedding Favor Gifts at One Stop Bride Shop

Wedding favor gifts come in all sorts, and it is quite hard to choose the right one to match your dream ceremony. If you are looking for a gift that is personal and elegant, the team at One Stop Bride Shop is all happy to help! What wedding favors are you looking for? Celebrate the gift of giving with us now!