Why Do You Need Coasters On Your Special Day?

Coasters are used in many places daily and for various occasions. You can usually catch them at home during dinner parties or in restaurants when your drinks are being served. Besides your beverages, there are even large coasters for pots and plates.

But have you ever wondered why these small decorative items are crucial to have on your wedding day? Though it may seem unusual, adding coasters on your special day may just be the key to the perfect wedding experience.

Free from Water Marks

The question in your mind must be: “How can coasters help to protect your tables?” The main reason is that coasters can help to absorb any marks of condensation that drips from the cups and glasses you drink from. Simply leaving a condensing glass on the table can bring about watermarks on the table. Though one may not think too much about it, condensing glasses can leave unfavorable marks on your table or tablecloths, which will not make the setting look too presentable to wedding guests.

Protecting Tables from Damage

Believe it or not, the water that drips from your cold cups can bring about water damage to your tables. Though leaving it for a short while may be fine, leaving the drink without a coaster for extended periods can stain, scratch or dent the table that it was placed on. The water that drips out can stain a wooden table, and just leaving an unattended glass cup on a glass table can even cause scratches to the surface. So, to protect your dear wedding tables from any unwanted effects, better grab some coasters for your guests now!

Absorbs Any Spillage

Be it small or big, many coasters have a key feature to them: absorbency. During weddings, we usually see the occasional spillage of wine or any beverage that may stain. Including a coaster in the table set up for the wedding will be advantageous as it can absorb any spills that happen. It is crucial, though, to use coasters that are made out of bamboo or cork so that it absorbs the liquid even better.

Adding on, the coasters can even keep the drink from spilling or leaking in the first place. When one places a cup on a coaster, there is a vacuum-like effect that “sticks” to the cup. This then ensures that the cup won’t fall easily, as the coaster also stops the cup from moving around as much.

Keeping It for Later

Around the globe, it is common knowledge that coasters are used as a layer between the cup and the table surface. However, many people are now leaning towards giving coasters to their guests or loved ones as small gifts. As coasters are convenient, small, and easy to store, they serve as the perfect little gifts for special events such as weddings. One can also customize special coasters for each one of their guests to use during the wedding event to add a personal touch to them, and the guests can then bring it home as a wedding favor from the wedding party.