Why Custom Coasters Make Great Wedding Favors

Searching far and wide for a wedding favor that is useful, beautiful, and sustainable to give to your guests? Look no further, for the new trend this wedding season is to offer custom coasters as wedding favors to your guests!

Sounds weird to you? Don’t worry, drink coasters have actually been used as a simple yet elegant gift for quite a while now. Ranging from floral-themed glass coasters to cozy bamboo coasters, there is a myriad of designs that we’re sure will fit your wedding vision and theme.

From Table to Home

The key reason why customized coasters will be a great wedding door gift starts from the wedding table that the guests sit at. As wedding table setups may tend to look generic, adding a customized coaster will add a pop of color and personal touch to the ceremony. The newlyweds can stamp on creative designs or lovely sayings in conjunction with their wedding, which will catch the eye of the guest and encourage them to bring it home to place on their own dining table. It also serves as a sweet memory of the ceremony for the guests to look back at. Just as how the coasters were used to serve the guests during the ceremony, the coasters can also be used at home and for the guests to serve their drinks with.

Useful for A Long Time

Coasters are known to be very useful for a long time due to the quality of the material and how it helps to protect furniture from any water damage. Coasters help to prevent any water drips from staining and scratching a table, and just leaving an unattended glass cup on a glass table can even cause scratches to the surface. Coasters can also help to absorb any spillage from the cups that were sitting on it, and with the coasters customized with the newlyweds’ names and wedding date, the guests can protect their furniture all while looking back at the wedding ceremony they attended.

Decorative Pieces

For many, wedding favor gifts that they had received from various weddings will be displayed or kept as part of a collection. When the guests receive a custom coaster that was specially personalized and engraved for them, they will feel touched and would want to include that as part of the decoration of their house. Along with the features of a regular coaster, it also helps to spruce up the look and vibes of their interior design, all while being reminded of the memories of the wedding.

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