Wedding Party Roles And Responsibilities: Who Does What?

You and your favorite person are about to declare your love in front of family and friends. As expected, the two of you will be the center of the celebration.

That’s what a wedding is all about.

But, your wedding won’t be complete without other family and friends who will play an important role in the celebration.

Wondering who will be doing what at your wedding? In this article, you’ll understand the different wedding roles and responsibilities. Lean on these individuals to make your nuptials more memorable and intimate.

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9 Wedding Roles and Responsibilities

1. Officiant

Religious wedding. Civil wedding. Elopement. Whatever type you go for, you’ll need an officiant to facilitate your union.

This wedding role affects the wedding greatly. Officiants play a multitude of roles from the leadup to the wedding to the day itself. They handle paperwork, conduct the ceremony, and guide the couple through the ring and vows exchange.

2. Maid or Matron of Honor

Traditionally, this refers to the bride’s go-to woman. But this has taken a new form over the years. Some brides opt for their guy best friend or brother to play the part. They’re called Man of Honor.

The maid, matron, or man of honor leads the bridal party. They coordinate with everyone to make sure the bride doesn't have to worry about minor details. They help with various pre-wedding rituals and wedding planning tasks.

Pre-wedding rituals mainly involve hosting a bachelorette or bridal shower. Wedding planning tasks range from dress shopping to sending invites.

3. Best Man

Like the maid or matron of honor, the groom can also choose a woman to assume the role of his right-hand person. The chosen best man or woman will organize the bachelor’s party. He or she will also attend to all pre-wedding preparations and wedding-day essentials.

Pre-wedding preparations include suit fittings. On the day of the wedding, the best man or woman is also expected to keep track of the rings and marriage license. And last but not least, part of his or her wedding role is to give a speech at the reception.

4. Bridesmaids and Bridesmen

The bridesmaids and bridesmen consist of the bride’s loved ones. These days, mixed-gender bridal parties are becoming the norm. Their roles in a wedding include following the maid, matron, or man of honor’s lead.

They help with budgeting and planning of the bachelorette party. On the wedding day itself, they help the bridge get ready. Some may be given additional tasks, such as guestbook management or handing out wedding favors.

A ring bearer and a flower girl at a summer wedding

5. Groomsmen and Groomswomen

Groomsmen and women are part of the groom’s entourage. They’re usually close friends and relatives. Usually, they help prepare for events such as bachelor party and rehearsal dinners.

They have fun wedding party roles, such as decorating the getaway car and helping the groom get ready. Like the bridesmaids, groomsmen can also be tasked with welcoming guests.

6. Parents of the Bride and Groom

Let’s start with the mothers. A bride's mother usually plays a key role in the lead-up to the wedding and the wedding itself. Among her most important roles at a wedding include helping her daughter walk down the aisle.

The mother of the groom can help with the wedding planning. Sharing a mother-son dance is also very common at weddings.

Now, the dads.

Traditionally, the father of the bride pays for the wedding. But now it’s mostly shared between two families. However, he remains to have one of the biggest roles in a wedding. He gets to walk her daughter down the aisle and share a dance with her.

The father of the groom, on the other hand, normally doesn’t have any formal wedding tasks. But he can be as involved as he wants to be in the wedding planning process. Furthermore, any of the parents can give a speech at the wedding reception.

7. Flower Girl or Boy

Flower girls or boys aren’t really official wedding roles. But they’re absolutely adorable. Flower girls scatter petals or carry bouquets of petals before the bride walks down the aisle.

Traditionally, the wedding role goes to a younger sister, a niece, or a friend or relative’s daughter. But these days, it could be anyone–even your pet.

8. Ring Bearer

Ring bearers carry the wedding rings down the aisle. In a traditional wedding party, this role belongs to a nephew, younger brother, or a friend or relative’s son. But like flower girls, it can be anyone these days. So long as they can get the ring safely to the altar.

9. Ushers

Often in big weddings, ushers are necessary. The usher’s main role at a wedding is to greet guests and guide them to their table. The couple’s close friends usually take on this responsibility. They often wear matching outfits so you can spot them easily.

Understanding The Wedding Roles List

Depending on your wedding, you might have to forego members of your entourage. For example, it’s uncommon to have ushers at a small wedding.

These individuals are here to show support to you and your partner. Return the favor by gifting them with a wedding favor tailored to their wedding role. Customize wedding koozies here to express your gratitude.