Couple Goals: Holding a Joint Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party

Pulling off ideal pre-wedding celebrations requires loads of effort and inventiveness.

Luckily for engaged couples, we live in an age where creativity can breathe freely. It's become socially acceptable to bend traditions involving the types of parties people go to. So, why not do the same with the bachelor or bachelorette’s wedding party?

Let's explore the whys and hows of hosting a "Jack and Jill" or a joint bachelor/ bachelorette party. We'll also throw in exciting party ideas to make this once-in-a-lifetime event more memorable.

Why Hold a Mixed Bachelor/Bachelorette Party?

Availability, budget, and preferences dictate how you'd want to organize a bachelor and bachelorette party. However, nothing's stopping you from going against the tide and entertaining fresh and fantastic formats.

Here are four reasons why you should have a couples' bachelor/ bachelorette party with the squad:

1. It's A Celebration of Your Union

Future brides and grooms don't need to cap the big day before demonstrating their unity. A combined bachelor/ bachelorette party symbolizes couples' commitment to facing the world together. It binds close friends from both camps to create happier, healthier, and harmonious circles.

2. Novelty Creates Sweet Memories

So, you've got a few days left before exchanging vows. Adding a twist to your pre-wedding celebration will sweeten your mood, helping you remember joy and happiness come wedding day. The magic and novelty of it all create beautiful memories for attending family members and groups of friends.

3. It's a Big Win for Friendship and Inclusivity

Joint bachelorette/ bachelor parties promote acceptance and inclusivity. They ensure that all close friends, regardless of gender, are part of the celebration. This crossover removes second-guessing from your guest list-making.

4. It's Less Stressful and More Budget-Friendly

Preparing for a single celebration instead of two saves you from stress and budget woes. A larger crowd allows you to enjoy budget-friendlier group rates and save more for your honeymoon. Spend time partying, not worrying.

Couple's Bachelor Party Ideas

After setting expectations, choosing a theme, and finishing your guest list, it's time to execute exciting twists to your party.

Here are four bachelor/ bachelorette party ideas:

  • Games Night: Organize original and personalized competitions, like couples' trivia, drinking, and party board games. It'll break the ice amongst new friends and reveal how well everybody knows the couple.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Plan a high-stakes scavenger hunt in an amusement park or resort. Split friends into teams and set up silly challenges. Follow up with a campfire sesh to exchange stories and laughs.
  • Road Trip: Rent a party bus and go on a road trip with your besties and buddies. Prepare snacks and drinks for your journey. Wrapping drink cans or coolers in koozies is best to keep them perfect throughout the trip.
  • Mixology Masterclass: Bring everyone to the lab and make kickass cocktails with the help of an expert bartender. Judge everyone's concoctions and get tipsy together. It's best to give each guest personalized storage for their mixes.

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