Customizing Coasters In Bulk: 4 Tips

We’ve seen the trend on door gifts and wedding favors go from tasty bakes to small pots of flowers, but this wedding season, coasters are the next big thing for door gifts of any occasion. Small and convenient to use, coasters are the perfect gift for guests; they can be used easily and are in many ways useful on a daily basis.

To take it up on another scale, many people are also looking to customize their own coasters for their business or event, to add a personal touch to this decorative item. But not much is commonly known about selecting the right coaster, what more about customizing coasters in a bulk order.

From the material to the thickness, continue to read on as we offer four tips on how to customize your own coasters in bulk and what are some things that you may need to look out for.

Material Matters

Coasters come in a variety of materials, from frosted glass to bamboo, all the way down to paper saucers. When producing in bulk, the coasters mustn't be made out of something that can be easily damaged, bent or broken. One of the materials that many would go for usually would be cork. Known for its lightweight yet ultra-durable properties, cork-made coasters are more absorbent and can be used for a long period of time. Besides cork, materials such as pulp boards and plastic are also recommended for long-term sustainable usage.

Thick or Thin

On top of materials, the thickness of a coaster is also important. Too thin of a coaster, any liquid will just seep through and the level of absorbency is also quite low. The thicker the coaster is, the more moisture it will absorb. However, too big of a coaster may be an issue as it can get too bulky to carry and too expensive to produce, especially if you are buying in large quantities. The most recommended size is to get it in 3.5 inches by 4 inches so that you can still produce the perfect coaster without burning a hole in your pocket.

Getting Colorful

If there is one thing that won’t be an issue when you are looking to produce some coasters, it’s the print on it. You can go ham with the coaster designs that you can stamp on, from simple one-color logos to multi-colored photos of yourself! Depending on your budget, you can plan out the designs that will be engraved or printed on the coasters. A pro tip though: try not to add metallic shades like gold and silver. As most machines nowadays use a color printing technology based on the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (otherwise known as CMYK colors), they might not be able to reproduce metallic colors exactly to the tee, so refrain from using them in your designs!

Go Big or Go Home

Of course, when we say producing in bulk, we really mean it. It is recommended by many manufacturers that you customize and produce in large quantities. Some places have minimum order quantities ranging from a thousand to tens of thousands! Purchasing in large amounts can also help in saving a lot of money as the unit price will decrease more and more. On top of that, you can also get amazing prints that consistently have good quality. Additionally, producing coasters in bulk amounts is time-saving and is also good for the environment.