Beautiful Coaster Designs For Your Wedding

Wedding planning can be hectic, as couples struggle to tweak and perfect every element of their special day. Finding the right tablecloths and the right colors may be tough, but not many planners think about a tiny yet crucial element for a table set up: coasters.


Small but mighty, coasters can go a long way to spruce up your tables and boost your guests’ experience at your wedding. On top of that, coasters can also help to prevent minor spills and the trickling of water droplets from the cups and glasses.

However, the coaster designs we usually see in stores are either too basic or not meant for wedding events. Are there different kinds of coaster designs that are meant for one’s special day? You’d be surprised to know!


Dressed to Impress


The coaster market actually holds a lot of visually interesting coasters, such as coasters that are dressed to impress. These matching coasters come in the design of a bride and groom’s outfits – what we call a perfect pair! While it may seem simple, it stands out on the table for the guests to look at and use. Take it up another notch by designing the outfits on the coasters to match the actual wedding outfits of the couple of the day!


Engraved Bamboo Coasters


Eco-friendly? Check. Aesthetics? Check. If you are looking for something warm and elegant, bamboo coasters might be the right choice for you. Bamboo coasters are soft and are perfect for any garden or homely themes at your wedding venue. There are also options to customize these bamboo coasters, such as with the wedding date or the names of the couple. You can even consider engraving the names of the guests as well, which guests can then bring home as a small keepsake!


Chalkboard ‘Sip and Scribble’ Coasters


Similar to bamboo coasters, these chalkboard coasters offer a more artistic feel to your event. Besides including the wedding details on the coasters, guests can also whip out their inner artist by drawing their own coaster design on what they think of the wedding. Your wedding can be even more entertaining at the same time with the chance of choosing the best wedding coasters, boosting the guests’ experience even more!


I Do’ Coasters


Nothing screams wedding more than its famous two words: ‘I Do’. Coasters can be customized from the most basic phrases to the jokes that the couple shares between themselves. Simple and handy, these customizable coasters can add a more personal touch to the wedding event and set up that everyone can enjoy. You may want to design a variety of coasters as well so that people can collect and see what else is in store during your wedding.


Design Your Wedding Coasters with One Stop Bride Shop


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