8 Trendy Bachelorette Outfit Ideas for Every Style

If you're planning a bachelorette party, choosing the right outfit is crucial to ensuring the bride and her squad make a statement.

In this article, we’ve compiled 8 bachelorette outfit ideas that cater to different styles and settings.

8 Bachelorette Outfit Ideas for Every Style

1. Casual 

Many times, the bridal group opts to match their outfits to the chosen bachelorette theme. But if you're a chill group, why not dress like it? Dress in a plain top with creative bachelorette text or slogans is the way to go. Depending on the weather, you can choose between tank tops, shirts, and sweaters.

Not only are these clothes comfy, they’re flexible and recognizable. You can DIY the shirts as a way to bond with everyone. Or avoid the fuss by getting it straight from a reputable seller, like One Stop Bride Shop. We also have fun hats that go with our tops–perfect for a bachelorette summer party.

A bride can stand out with a personalized tee or match her squad with coordinating shirts. Whatever you choose, each will have their own keepsake to commemorate the celebration. 

2. Classic Black and White 

For a sophisticated affair, a black and white theme is the easiest way to go. The bride can wear white, while the rest of the squad wears black dresses. This bachelorette party outfit idea is perfect for a dinner party or a night out.

Take it up a step further. Request everyone to wear the same style of clothing: a dress or pantsuit, or whatever is appropriate for your evening plans.

3. Cocktail Dresses

Chic cocktail dresses are another refined choice for a swanky evening. It’s the ideal bachelorette group outfit idea for a private chef dinner, wine-tasting soiree, or opera night.

Choose classic silhouettes with a modern twist, such as one-shoulder or lace-up midi dresses. Complete your elegant look with statement earrings and a gorgeous shoulder bag or clutch.

4. Disco

Going dancing with the bride squad? Stand out by wearing disco-themed bachelorette outfits. Tonight is about giving the bride a night out to remember. So give it your best retro glam look.

We’re talking: bell-bottoms, sequined mini dresses, off-shoulder tops, and bold-patterned blazers. With these ensembles, the whole squad is sure to stand out on the dance floor. Add a little extra by taking props, like mini disco balls and big, funky sunglasses.

5. Boho

The beachy boho aesthetic is the perfect bachelorette party matching outfit idea for a sun and party. Dress in peasant or crocheted tops, kimonos, and linen blazers. A flowy maxi white dress is perfect for the bride.

Accessorize with layered jewelry and slip-on sandals. You can also throw in a hat over your messy bun or loose and tousled waves.

Classy lingerie bachelorette outfit ideas for brunch

6. Classy Lingerie

Celebrating a luxurious brunch at home or a private venue? Personal and intimate, this option focuses on the bride's journey into married life.

If you want everyone to look fresh out of bed without looking shabby, go for classy lingerie outfits. This bachelorette outfit idea for groups involves wearing elegant silk slip dresses or lingerie sets. Then, you complete them with luxurious robes and satin slippers.

7. Athleisure

For an active bride’s adventure-themed bachelorette party, the squad should look for comfy athleisure outfits. The bride can wear a white activewear set, while the bridal party can wear her favorite color or wedding motif color.

Top everything with coordinating sneakers and accessories, such as custom water bottles and caps. Whether hiking, yoga, or attending fitness classes, this bachelorette outfit idea is both comfortable and conducive to energetic activities.

8. Cowboy

Giddy up with the girls with a bachelorette outfit idea that's Western-inspired. Enjoy a wild and exciting night wearing bandanas, belt buckles, and cowboy hats and boots.

Simply wear tank tops or shirts paired with laced denim shorts for an easy look. Or go over the top by opting for fringe tops, vests, and suede mini skirts.

Party Outfit: Bachelorette Outfit Ideas FAQs

What do I wear to a bachelorette party?

It depends. Choosing a bachelorette party outfit varies by theme and location. Popular choices often include cocktail dresses, casual wear, and beach outfits (for summer). Find out what the theme is so you can figure out what to wear to the event.

Who chooses bachelorette group outfit ideas?

Typically, the bride-to-be and her posse organizing the bachelorette party choose the outfits. The bride can tell the bridal group the look she wishes to achieve. With this info, the organizers can create a cohesive attire that aligns with the party's theme and planned activities.

What is a good outfit for a bachelorette theme party?

Outfits should always match the party theme. For instance, a Western bachelorette themed party won’t be complete without cowboy boots.

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