5 Uses Of Coasters In Your Wedding Party

Preparing for your big day can be undeniably stressful. From wedding dress fittings to ensuring that you have the perfect cake, it is no doubt that you will be stretched thin before your wedding. While you are making sure everything goes perfectly, some tiny details can go a long way. Customized coasters are a brilliant way to accent your wedding table while keeping them neat and clean as well. Here are five uses of coasters for weddings that will make you realize that they are a perfect addition to your wedding!

Engage Your Guests

When everyone is busy getting ready on the big day, you may not have time to truly entertain your guests. Why not kill two birds with one stone with custom coasters with a Mad Lib? A simple sentence like ‘Melissa and John are (insert adjective) together’ is a great way for guests to have some fun coming up with the perfect adjective to suit the bride and groom. This can not only entertain your guests when you are unable to, but it also helps them keep track of their drink by identifying their chosen adjective.

Customize Your Party

Having a customized coaster at your wedding is a great way to add a touch of personality to your special day. The choices are endless when it comes to designing your customized coaster. Opt for showcasing your wedding monogram, or spice things up a little by adding some cheeky humor, your favorite song lyrics, or even a cocktail recipe!

Prevent Messes

Coasters are a great way to prevent any spills and stains on your big day. It would be horrible to have to clean up your wedding venue at an extra cost just because a few guests got too excited and spilled their drinks. By having a customized coaster at your wedding, you will be able to keep all your drinks organized and take some weight off your guests’ shoulders as they party the night away.

Save the Drinks

Have you ever had a drink that could have very well been the best drink of your life, but you weren’t able to find out how to make it? Spare your guests the struggle by customizing coasters according to the drinks available at the bar. Serve your guests an amazing signature cocktail or mocktail and give them the recipe on their customized coasters! Hiring a mixologist for your wedding to create some specially formulated drinks is becoming increasingly popular, so what better way to share the deliciousness that a customized coaster?

A Souvenir

Having a customized wedding coaster gives your guests a perfect gift to take home from your wedding. If you include the date of your special day, your guests and friends will always be able to cherish the memories made on your big day, while also having an easy way of keeping track of everyone’s anniversaries!

When you offer your guests a customized wedding coaster, they will get to keep a precious and functional item that can be reused for many years to come.