20 Best Bachelorette Party Favors

Bachelorette party favors including noise makers and beads

Is your bestie planning a wedding? That means only one thing – it is time to treat the bride-to-be to some well-deserved fun… a bachelorette party with the best bachelorette party favors

She would love to have a break from planning all the activities and unwind with the squad. However, you need to make sure it is memorable, unique, and iconic for all attendees. 

How can you do that? With bachelorette party favors, of course! Everyone loves getting cute keepsakes, and the best part about bachelorette favors is that they don’t have to break the bank. In addition, this will make your bride-to-be feel loved and appreciated.

So, how can you make a perfect choice and amaze everyone present? To inspire you, we made a list of all the bachelorette party favor ideas that are guaranteed to be adored by all. Before we dive in, let us provide you with some handy tips to help your overall planning process.

What is the Etiquette for Bachelorette Parties?

We’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions regarding etiquette, have a look!

  • Who throws the bachelorette party, where, and when?
  • Usually, it is the maid of honor who plans and pays for the whole affair, but anyone can chip in. If the bridesmaids want to help, or anyone attending; there are welcome to do so. Still, make sure that everyone is comfortable with your decisions, especially when it comes to some expenses! 

    As for where, you can give the bride-to-be your thoughts about destinations, weekend trips, fun activities, or even a cozy party at home. Ultimately, she will have the last word and choose the location, theme, and dress code of her bachelorette weekend. 

    After all, the party is for her, so you will have the noble role of bringing that vision to life, exciting right? Some of the tasks involve sending invites, communicating with the bridal party and other invitees, sorting out the finances, and keeping a record of the gifts.

    When to throw it? Usually, it is hosted at least two months before the big day, but you can do it sooner. However, we would also recommend throwing the party a few months ahead so that the bride doesn't feel the pressure of being overbooked with various activities.

  • Do you give party favors at a bachelorette party?
  • Of course, they are not mandatory, but let’s face it – everyone would be over the moon to receive bachelorette party favors. Not only are fun bachelorette party favors thoughtful, but they can also elevate the event’s aesthetic as well!

  • Does the maid of honor pay for bachelorette party favors?
  • In most cases, the cost of bachelorette gifts for guests usually falls on the maid of honor but there are no strict rules. The rest of the invitees can also decide to pitch in for bachelorette favors along with the bridesmaids.

  • Who should be invited?
  • On this matter, you should consult with the bride. In most cases, the list includes the wedding party (not counting the junior maids), family members, and close friends. From the groom’s side, she may choose to include her sister-in-law as well!

  • Do you need to send bachelorette party invitations?
  • This is totally optional. If you wish, you can print stylish digital invitations and send them, or simply spread the word via email, phone, social media, etc. We would also advise sending the invites well in advance so that the guests can plan their time properly – especially if it is a weekend getaway or a distant location.

  • Should there be a dress code?
  • Once again this is not mandatory. If you or the bride wish to throw a themed party with bachelorette party favors, opt for a dress code. However, it is important to note that not everyone can afford what you envision. 

    In this case, it is handy to include some general dress code guidelines and achieve a cohesive aesthetic. For example, if it is a beach theme, ask everyone to wear something beachy.

    Bachelorette Party Favor Iideas

  • Personalized Bottle & Can Coolers
  • Why not elevate the drinks and various beverages? If you have bottles and cans at your bachelorette party, dress them up in coolers with a personalized design! Not only will this fabulous bachelorette party favor keep the drinks cool but the guests can take them home, making them both stylish and fun bachelorette party favors! 

    Not to mention how handy they are, perfectly suitable for reusing during the warm months. We are already imagining Koozie® can koolers and chilled weekends by the pool!

  • Coffee/Tea Mugs
  • Nowadays, there are a ton of mug designs that can pair with any theme, including bachelorette parties! You can opt for monogrammed, chic, cute, or even funny designs on your bachelorette party favor mug as long as it fits the bride’s character. 

  • Fun Recovery Kits
  • Up the ante with fun bachelorette party favor bags that will prove to be helpful after a night out. The best part? There are a lot of fun designs to match your theme! 

    Depending on the seller, gift bags are packed with makeup wipes, gum, ibuprofen, or anything else of your choice. Trust us, the guests will thank you the next day.

  • Facial Mask
  • Any lady would appreciate these thoughtful bachelorette party favors. Seriously! Who would say no to a relaxing self-care session after an epic party? Simply putting on a face mask with antioxidants will make everyone feel rejuvenated.

  • Personalized Shot Glasses
  • Is booze joining your party? Then it is a perfectly thoughtful bachelorette gift for guests to have personalized shot glasses with the names of the attendees.

  • Custom Design Hats
  • Everyone is happy with bachelorette party favors that will prove to be handy, especially when it comes to wearables! Grab some customized fun hats for the bride and the girls and pleasantly surprise them at the party. This is a bachelorette party favor idea that can be worn on many occasions and who doesn’t love that?

  • Zodiac Sign Books or Journals
  • Make a poll before the party and ask all those who have received an invite what their zodiac sign is. Then, order mini books with tips for each sign or simply a journal with their zodiac on the cover. That makes for an extra personal and lovely bachelorette party favor.

  • Tote Bags
  • It is no secret that every once in a while, everyone needs a tote bag. But having a customized design that will remind you of this joyous occasion? That’s another plus! Chic and handy, this is one of the best bachelorette party favor ideas.

  • Pair of Slippers
  • Who would be excited to see such an amazing bachelorette party favor waiting for you? The right question is – who wouldn’t? Have them feature a custom monogram or a fun inscription and you are good to go!

  • Bachelorette Themed Tee or Tank Top
  • This is another wearable and fun bachelorette party favor that would make anyone happy! If you were worried about a dress code, this is one way to have them all dressed cohesively and also end up with a fun item to bring home. Have one designed for the bride, matching ones for the bridal party, and cute thoughtful designs for the rest of the guests.

  • Personalized Coasters
  • Remember the customized Koozie® can koolers? Now pair them with matching personalized coasters, how epic would that be? It will both prove useful and elevate the decor of your bachelorette party!

  • Initial Necklaces
  • Show the “I Do” crew some love and opt for initial necklaces. The best part about this bachelorette party favor idea is that you don’t have to ask them anything, you will have a name list regarding the invites, so you can easily discover the initials.

  • Personalized Towels
  • Planning a pool bash? These are handy for both the party and as favors afterward. Having each name embroidered on the towels makes for the perfect bachelorette party favor and will make the guests happy!

  • Heart-shaped Sunglasses
  • Can these get out of fashion? Not a chance! Everyone has a soft spot for these heart sunglasses. They make for fantastic stylish and fun bachelorette party favors.

  • Cozy Crewneck
  • If you are hosting the party during the colder months, sweatshirts can be the perfect choice for a bit more upscale and thoughtful gift for the guests. They can wear this bachelorette party favor at the gym, at home, during yoga classes, when jogging, or even for a chill day at the park. They are super versatile and cozy.

  • Cute Studs
  • No matter what you choose, studs are always an adorable choice. There are a lot of designs to pick from, especially when made from polymer clay. For a touch of elegance, choose crystal studs for your bachelorette party gift.

  • Personalized Makeup Bags
  • Have them embellished with your monogram and they will become stunning bachelorette favors. Plus, the makeup collection is ever-growing so one can never have enough of these, right?

  • Scented Candles
  • These bachelorette party favor gifts are great for any self-care rituals like bath, reading a book, or meditating and cleansing the space. Choose a playful design or something unique and amaze the girls.

  • Sleep Masks
  • There are numerous choices when it comes to these delightful items, especially when it comes to bachelorette-themed ones. The guests can use these bachelorette favors anywhere very useful when traveling!

  • Mirror Compacts
  • It is always handy to have one in your bag, so the guests will appreciate these bachelorette favors. You can have your mirror compacts personalized with an inscription or monogram.

    We have come to the end of the list, and we hope you already feel inspired to pick the perfect bachelorette party favors! We have a whole palette of fun bachelorette designs to serve as keepsakes, including apparel; so feel free to browse through our products!