How can coolers and koozies work and why you should be using one

How koozies work and why you should be using one 

When people think of summer, they think of warm weather, fun, enjoying a wonderful time outside, and having a chilled drink in their hand. Being handed a cold beverage, as you sit with friends, the sun shining down, is a moment of pure, simple happiness. 

But, if you’re outside in the sun for a while, with your drink, it’ll soon get warm and unpleasant tasting. So, when you take a sip to cool down, it won't do its job! This is exactly the reason koozies exist. They essentially insulate your drink, so it stays cooler for longer! Nobody wants a warm beer, do they?!

Today we will take a look at what exactly the can cooler & koozie® is and see how we can all benefit from using one. Now, let’s dive in!

What are koozies?

The easiest way to explain them is this – a can cooler & koozie® is a piece of fabric or foam in the form of a sleeve. It is an incredible invention that helps maintain the low temperature of your beverage. Note - that this is not just another silly marketing fad but something that actually works! You’ll not only be able to pick out your drink in a crowd, thanks to the sleeve’s cool design, but you’ll also enjoy a colder drink for a longer time.

Several beer companies have started personalizing can koozies, which is an incredibly smart step. These are given out as promotional gifts, and they never fail to put a smile on people’s faces. Again, this is not just a gimmick to persuade people to buy more drinks. This is because the popularity of this product has significantly increased over the last few years. And we’re not surprised! In fact, we love the item ourselves and want to share this amazing can koozie with the rest of the world.

Why are they called koozies?

There are many stories about how the koozie came to be and where it originated. One claims it was created in Australia in the 70s. They became part of the surfer culture there very quickly - it’s still unknown whether this story is true.

Then, another story tells us that koozies were inspired by the British tradition of knitted tea kettle cozies, only doing the opposite. The cozies keep your beverage hot, while the drink koozies keeps your beverage cold; the principle’s the same though: it’s all about maintaining optimum temperature so that you can have maximum drinking pleasure!

Whichever is the case, we know one thing for certain. Radio Cap Corporation registered the term koozie as a name trademark in 1980. After that, in the 80s, they started to create cylindrical foam holders that later became the product we know and love today. By the time the 90s came around, this product was already in mass circulation, and there were foam and neoprene koozies everywhere.

However, there were some issues. The can koozies were not adaptable, and you could only use them for a certain type of drink. This meant that production teams needed to go back to the drawing board. Finally, someone came up with the concept of ensuring the koozie could be wrapped around any drink, no matter the brand, which led to their current carnation.

After that, things only got better – technology improved, and thankfully, we are now enjoying the very best version of koozies.

Why do people use beer koozies?

The most popular koozies for sale are the ones that can be personalized. However, when it comes to can koozies, the best ones are those we mentioned earlier – the promotional items that come with certain beer brands! When you go to a game or concert, anywhere there are a lot of people, the preferred drink is always beer. 

The thing is, people tend to forget about the overcrowded toilets in such places. So, when you have to put your drink down and head to the nearest restroom, there’s likely to be a long line of people ahead of you. Naturally, this means that it will take you some time to get back to your seat. Imagine if you had just purchased your beer before heading to the toilets! By the time you return, the drink is already too warm - so you have to head to the beer concession again!

This is why people use koozies - they can prevent you from having to buy extra beers at a large event because your previous one got too hot too soon. So, it's a winning and cost-effective product in our opinion! 

Do koozies keep your beer cold?

The short answer is - yes! Whether you choose from the many versions of koozies for sale or get this item as a promotional product, it’ll only benefit you. You could be in your backyard, at a rooftop party, or at a concert – it doesn’t matter because the koozie has you covered! And, since beer is one of the most popular drinks, especially during those hot summer days, the koozie can help you get the best out of it.  In fact, did you know that using a quality koozie can limit the rate your drink warms by up to 50%?

Like magic, koozies seem to work against all the laws of nature! Even on the hottest of days, they’ll ensure that your drink remains extra cold. What would we do without them? Instead of dealing with warm beverages and water rings on every surface, we can now truly enjoy our cold beer, juice, or soft drink!

Remember this next time you are heading out! Before you walk out the front door with a cold beverage in your hand, slide a drink koozie over it and be on your way. Enjoy the full summer experience with the help of this incredible invention.

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